Team - Wick Design

Meet the Team

Will Wick

Drawing from his nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Will approaches design with a seasoned eye and a healthy dose of irreverence. Growing up surrounded by a family of stylish women, Will was introduced to various art forms at a very young age. This early exposure to the highly creative served to inform his pathway to design. And although he didn’t initially pursue a career in the field—he graduated with a degree in environmental design—Will went on to work for several notable designers in San Francisco before founding his eponymous design house in 2000.

Widely recognized for his all-encompassing approach to the craft, Will conceives custom one-of-a-kind pieces and layered spaces rooted in rich life experiences. Drawing from his frequent travels and the natural world, he marries unexpected textures, colors, and materials with classic pieces and found objects to create immersive, eclectic environments.

In 2009, Will introduced another facet of his design business – Battersea. The retail showroom, named after a centuries old, now defunct power plant in South London, is situated in San Francisco’s storied Design Center.

He currently resides in Sausalito, CA with his wife, fellow designer and travel partner Jen Kelly, and their four children: Miles, Sabine, Luisa and Isabela.


Agota Krapavickaite
Studio Director

Agota arrived in the Bay Area by way of her native Lithuania, where she chose to study architecture before moving to the U.S. to begin her career. She worked for an architect for several years before deciding to pursue the more niche profession of interior design. After receiving a second degree in interior design while living in Santa Barbara, Agota followed her instinct to work under a designer with whom she could work collaboratively and in a personalized setting – and was fortuitous enough to find Will Wick. She was hired in 2013 as the showroom manager for the design house’s retail component, Battersea, but very quickly took on the responsibility of head of design operations, managing all three extensions of the Will Wick brand. Naturally, her role has grown and she is now in the expanded role of studio director, which spans from managing client relations to project budgeting to human relations. In her day-to-day, Agota works closely with the entire team to ensure fluid collaboration and communication. She applies both her business acumen and knowledge and appreciation of the arts to a variety of projects, contributing greatly to the company culture. She also plays a large role in overseeing the development of the Will Wick brand.

Much like Will, Agota derives inspiration in the visual and tangible experiences of new environments and takes any opportunity to travel, whether road-tripping on the weekend or hopping on a plane to a faraway locale. Her sense of humor is enjoyed just as much in the office as it is if you’re lucky enough to have her as your dinner date – just don’t take her to see a scary movie.


Craven Miller
Senior Designer

As the most seasoned member of the Will Wick team, Craven’s role as senior designer is instrumental to the team’s inner workings. His ability to embody the signature Will Wick aesthetic in each project is a mark of being with the brand for almost a decade. Originally from North Carolina, where he graduated from the University of North Carolina with a major in international studies, Craven ventured to the west coast in 2000 and settled in the Bay Area. He pursued a certificate in interior design and architecture from UC Berkeley and while in the program, interned with Wick—drawn to the firm’s portfolio and its founder’s sensibility. He joined the team as a designer in 2008 and has since been working collaboratively with Wick to inform the firm’s signature designs. Whether working directly with a client to articulate their vision or sourcing unlikely pieces to inventively layer a space, Craven brings a level of dedication, individualism and Zen to the team that is unrivaled – plus there’s his pleasant Southern drawl and knack for making the perfect martini.
He and his landscape architect husband, John, have a young daughter and the trio often escape the city in their Volkswagon Westfalia for camping trips.


Kate Leonard
Studio Coordinator

With Will Wick since 2016, Kate skillfully supports the design team and the operations of both Will Wick and Battersea. Born and raised in Michigan, she attended Michigan State University before heading west. As is a common thread within the Will Wick team, Kate has an affinity for travel and has lived in Hong Kong and South Korea. She honed her appreciation of design, merchandising and creating window displays as an intern for luxury retailer Barneys New York. Her eye for fashion translates to styling the Battersea showroom, which she often does as new pieces arrive from all over the globe. Kate’s position at Will Wick is one of constant education and rising to the occasion — which she always does. Her innate sense of style extends past the Will Wick brand and into her pastime of styling photo shoots with her creative network, expanding the breadth of her visual repertoire. As the office techie, she’ll have an answer for you faster than Will can Google it.


Brandon Iwata

As the numbers man in an office full of creatives, Brandon’s expertise is an integral part of Will Wick. The San Francisco native, who majored in economics and minored in accounting, has been with Will since 2014 and oversees the finances of the firm’s day-to-day operations and business ventures. He’s also the team’s back up IT support and legal advisor, so really, he’s indispensable. When he’s not keeping a keen eye on the financials, you can find him out and about in the city with his 11-year-old Miniature Pinscher named Kyle.